We loved these events! Photos from nights out, LGBT pride and special thank you’s to supporters and volunteers.

Rocking the Red Ribbon at DYMK Bar and Club in Bournemouth for World AIDS Day 22.

World AIDS Day Fundraiser - DYMK Bar and Club - Dec 2022

A massive thank you to the fabulous staff at Bournemouth’s DYMK Bar and Club and to Bourne Free for a brilliant night out! 

Bourne Free gay pride festival in Bournemouth 2022.

Going Green - Bourne Free 2022

Bourne Free is Bournemouth’s LGBT Pride Festival. An annual celebration of all diversities of Bournemouth and Dorset. The 2022 theme was ‘Bourne Free goes Green’…

The sun is out! The PRIDE day continues in the lower gardens and Triangle area.

Paint the World with Pride - Bourne Free 2019

The annual LGBTQIA+ Bourne Free Parade. The sun was out! The party continued in the lower gardens and Triangle in Bournemouth…

Over the rainbow at Bourne Free Pride 2018.

Hawaiian Beach Party - Bourne Free 2018

A massive thank you to all the fabulous staff and volunteers who made 2018’s Bourne Free Sexual Health screening service a huge success.

Goats help to maintain the Bournemouth seafront.
Goats are a feature of Bournemouth seafront, brought in to look after the cliffs.