Ending new HIV transmissions in the UK is within our grasp

Right now, an HIV-positive person who’s taking their medication can live their full lifespan, entirely without fear of ever developing AIDS, or passing HIV onto anyone else… no matter what they do together.

That’s right. As long as they are taking their meds, it’s 100% impossible for them to pass it on. In fact, the only people spreading HIV right now are people like you. Yes, you. People who’ve had sex, but not had a test.

There are thousands of undiagnosed cases in the UK right now, but if we all got a test, we could end the spread of HIV in Britain this year!

We have the knowledge, ambition, and the tools to achieve this goal: if everyone knows their HIV status, commences prompt HIV treatment if diagnosed positive, or accesses effective prevention initiatives if negative and at ongoing risk, then we can STOP new infections.

Get Tested

Order your test kit online today. Delivered in discreet packaging. https://sh24.org.uk

Or call Over The Rainbow at Sexual Health Dorset 0300 303 1948 option 3.

Or Terrance Higgins Trust https://www.tht.org.uk

About Terrence Higgins Trust (THT)

THT are the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. They have been supporting people living with HIV since the early 1980s, through ensuring their voices are heard, providing testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and helping the people using their services to achieve good sexual health.

THT also run community projects such as Positive Voices, which supports people living with HIV to tell their own stories, and work and skills programmes for people living with HIV. And on behalf of Public Health England, they lead It Starts With Me, the national HIV prevention programme.


About The Martin Fisher Foundation

A Brighton (UK) based charity, is a partnership of clinicians, community reps and people living with HIV. With the aim is to ensure organisations across the city work collaboratively and unite in support of shared HIV prevention goals. This unique community/clinical engagement provides a cohesive framework to develop services for vulnerable groups. Our overarching aim is to end new HIV transmissions and eliminate HIV stigma.